The Archive: Snow Patrol. Life On Earth. The Archive: Snow Patrol. Life On Earth.

The Archive: Snow Patrol. Life On Earth.

In October 2017 Carrie Sutton rang.  I enjoy these calls as often they involve great music and interesting artists to work with.  She offered the opportunity to produce an album's worth of music videos for Snow Patrol, eleven of them, back to back.  Hastily I offered up some pretence in 'checking my availability', and said yes.  

Life On Earth wasn't on the list to be a single, and was, perhaps, the most bonkers concept - an astronaut trains for his life on earth, only to emerge on terra firma as a newborn.  The idea was borne out of a collaboration between Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol writer and lead singer)  and Brett Simon (the director).  Snow Patrol have a big fan in Tim Peake and were offered ESTEC (the hub of European Space Research in Europe) as a location to shoot their press photos.  We tagged along to shoot the video..

Lensed by Laura Merians and edited by Jacquelyn London, this is the standout piece of all of the films. Everything comes from the heart here, Brett lays bare his soul and as a result the film doesn't disappoint.  The track itself is iconic.  As for the logistics, we shot this on a shoestring with a crew of 5 and unfettered access to a multi-billion £ location (which helped).  Often you undertake these projects with a degree of knowledge on what shitstorm you are about walk into, and therefore prepare accordingly.  This was very different, we really had no idea.  I had recce'd in place of Brett and knew there was something to be had - but it was intangible.  The end result exceeded expectations on so many levels - and thus the alchemy of collaboration continues to surprise and delight in equal measures.